Newlands Community Hall

Waterlooville Community Centre manage the bookings on behalf of Newlands, so get in contact if you would like to use this space.

Newlands Community Hall is situated in Marrelsmoor Avenue on Berewood Estate.

Put PO7 3BX into your sat nav and it will take you right there!

The hall is well equipped with 62 chairs, 7 x 3’ tables and 8 x 6’ tables, which are stored to the rear of the hall.

The floor area measures 10.3 metres by 9 metres and has a ceiling height of 2.1 metres.

Ample free parking is available for you and your guests.

The Hall is perfectly adequate for most parties but cannot accommodate a bouncy castle due to the ceiling height.

No activities are permited outside of the Hall due to the Health and Safety Executives requirements.

Off the main hall is a small but beautifully formed kitchen area complete with fridge, microwave, and tea urn.

You are permitted to use these facilities but they are not part of the hire agreement. Remember it is a shared space so please leave this area clean and tidy for use by others.

Things to Know

  • The Hall is not Licensed for consumption of alcohol.
  • Please do not stick posters or decorations to the walls unless you use white tack (Not Blu Tack!)
  • You are responsible for collecting and returning the door key to WACA.
  • There are no Caretakers onsite, so you are resposible for set-up and break-down/cleaning up. (You will have access to a cleaning cupboard in the kitchen area).

There are no rubbish disposal facilities at Newlands so all rubbish and, in particular food waste, has to be taken away with you.

Hire Charges

Children’s Parties
3-hour minimum

Additional hours
£15.00 per hour

For one-off events, a cash bond of £50 needs to be paid when you fill in the booking form.

This will be refunded unless cleaning is required, or if any of the ‘Things to Know’ are not followed –

Please read your Booking Form paperwork carefully.

Hourly Booking Rate

£15 per hour

Booking Form Download

This PDF contains the Booking Form that will need to be completed and returned to WACA with your cash Deposit and Cash Bond.

In addition, the PDF contains our Terms & Conditions, which you need to read and agree to. The Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy is for information.

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